Quests are missions given to you by NPCs. Completing them will give you a reward selected by the NPC. Below is a list of quests in order. You can track whatever quest you want by going into your journal. Some give you a passive boost after you finish their last quest. Some NPCs will only give you quests once you unlocked certain areas.

Looking for Event Quests? Find them under their corresponding Event page! Most of these quests have been copied directly from the official Roblox Wiki for Ghost Simulator.


Location Name Requirements Notable Rewards Picture
Forest Ghost Hunter Gabe Level 1 Antenna Gems
Forest Ghost Hunter Luna Level 10 Antenna Hyperspace, Wisp
Forest: Lab Ghost Hunter Dylan Level 1 Antenna, Ghost Hunter Gabe Completed 8 Bit
GhostSim GHDylan.png

Blox City

Location Name Requirements Reward Picture
Blox City Ghost Hunter Adam Level 2 Antenna Hoverboard Unlocked
Blox City Ghost Hunter Liz Level 2 Antenna Hypnotize

Wild West

Location Name Requirements Reward Picture
Wild West Ghost Hunter Jesse Level 5 Antenna Magnetism Unlocked
Wild West Ghost Hunter Hu-man Level 10 Antenna Gems
Image2 (1).png

Area 51

Location Name Requirements Reward Picture
Area 51 Ghost Hunter Hans Level 6 Antenna Gum
FBAF1B85-6BBF-48D2-ABDD-E6BF9A91C37D (1).jpg


Location Name Requirements Reward Picture
Beach Ghost Hunter Captain Finsley Level 8 Antenna Multiple Streams Unlocked
Captain Finsley.png


Location Name Requirements Reward Picture
Volcano Ghost Hunter Blaze Level 10 Antenna Sparks and Magma Slab
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 4.46.27 PM.png

Ghostly Islands

Location Name Requirements Notable Rewards Picture
Ghostly Islands Ghost Hunter Jylan Level 10 Antenna Musical Pet
Ghostly Islands Ghost Hunter Shelly Level 10 Antenna Flimsy Hoverboard and 1+ pet slot
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 4.47.13 PM.png
Ghostly Islands Ghost Hunter Victor Level 10 Antenna Gems
Image0 (1)-0.png
Ghostly Islands Ghost Hunter Ace Level 10 Antenna Crate Keys
Ghostly Islands Ghost Hunter Joven Level 10 Antenna 50+ Pet Storage

Castle Courtyard & Haunted Castle 

Location Name Requirements Notable Rewards Picture
Castle Courtyard Ghost Hunter Leo Level 10 Antenna Heavy Armor
Castle Courtyard Ghost Hunter Yoko Level 10 Antenna Hoverboard Turbocharger
Haunted Castle Ghost Hunter Fern Level 10 Antenna Vineshaft, 25 Crate Keys
Haunted Castle Gatekeeper Level 10 Antenna Photon Blaster, Datalink, Guardian's Key

Musical Meadows

Location Name Requirements Notable Rewards Picture
Musical Meadows Ghost Hunter Jax Musical Meadows unlocked and Level 10 Antenna Starboard and Popstar

The Backdoor

Location Name Requirements Notable Rewards Picture
Swamplands Ghost Hunter Gab3 Level 11 Antenna Swamp Glider
Winter Tundra Ghost Hunter Riley Level 12 Antenna Jetpack Unlocked
Farm Ghost Hunter Billy Level 15 Antenna Particle Accelerator
Data Stream Ghost Hunter Rowan Level 18 Antenna Overcharge
Swamplands Ghost Hunter Wylan Level 11 Antenna Unstable
Reverse City Ghost Hunter Boven Level 19 Antenna ur
Boven no bg.png
Bloxbyte HQ Agent Blaze Level 20 Antenna Pickles, Wilsons, The Other Hand, Furyflight, Atom.
Bloxbyte HQ (world) Ghost Hunter Bo (Bloxbyte HQ World) Level 20 Antenna + Unlocked Bloxbyte HQ World Bo-ard
Swamplands Ghost Hunter Allie Antenna Level 11 The Big Cheese
Farm Ghost Hunter Julian Antenna Level 20 Gems

Suggested Quest Order for Ghost World (Old)

Instead of worrying about making sure you do each one in "order" or any other linear progression it is suggested for you to accept every quest you can and always just work on the easiest ones.

Ordered Reason Ordered Reason
Ghost Hunter Shelly Ghost Hunter Shelly has quests that involve vacuuming the least health ghosts involving those found on the Ghostly Islands. Ghost Hunter Ace Gives you a supply of Crate Keys that help directly with Ghost Hunter Jylan
Ghost Hunter Leo Ghost Hunter Leo provides quests involving the ghosts in the Courtyard of the Castle, these ghosts have moderate health and are the next step after Shelly. Ghost Hunter Jylan This one takes a while to complete, likely you will be working on it long before and after you have finished most of the other Quests.
Ghost Hunter Yoko Yoko's quests require the same ghosts as Leo's and Shelly's but in higher quantities, you can work on this one side by side with Leo's pretty easily. Ghost Hunter Jax By the time you unlock Musical Meadows you will likely already have enough power to keep up with her missions.
Ghost Hunter Fern To complete her quests one needs to vacuum high health ghosts which takes a while even for those that are good at the game. Gatekeeper You could start the Gatekeeper at any time you want. He requires small quantities of high health ghosts, and gives you the datalink, which is required to reach antenna level 11, at the end of his quests.
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