Pets are a core aspect of Ghost Simulator. Pets in Ghost Simulator are available in a variety of ways, most notably by opening crates and entering codes. Pets help you vacuum ghosts faster and sell any ectoplasm you get for a larger amount. Almost all code pets expire ~1 Week after they are added. Pets can be obtained in many ways, namely through the Limited Store, Codes, Pet Crates, and occasionally through Quests

Each pet has two stats: vacuum speed and selling rate (from top to bottom), ranging from the single digits to the triple digits. Each pet's vacuum speed multiplies with the original vacuum rate (which varies on the current vacuum). The selling rate stat works in the same way.

All pets are classified under the following in ascending order of rarity.


By default, the player can equip up to three pets (four if the player has completed Shelly's questline), more can be obtained from the Limited Store in the Gamepass section. The more pets equipped, the more vacuum and sell boosts the player gets. The total maximum pets a player can equip is six. Equipping six pets is obtained by completing Shelly's questline, and by purchasing the +2 Pets gamepass in the Store.

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