Mega Bosses are ghosts that are more powerful than Bosses and thus require more effort to defeat them. They have multiple attacks and the Heavy Armor upgrade is ineffective against them. Similar to bosses, their health is displayed by percentage and not numbers.

When fighting them, they will constantly have a shield that prevents them from being Vacuumed. You must use the Photon Blaster rewarded from the Gatekeeper (automatically given in Events only) to damage their shield from afar. Once the shield is destroyed, they will be temporarily stunned and can be vacuumed or shot with the Photon Blaster to damage them.

While fighting them, you will have a "Corruption" bar underneath the boss's health. This indicates your "health" and will rise up when getting hit by attacks. When it reaches 100% you will "die" and fail the boss fight.

(More detailed explanation below!)

The Developer Mega Boss is the toughest fight in the game, with a significantly larger health pool, a unique way of breaking their shield, and a time limit of 17.5 minutes.

In Ghost Simulator there are 5 Mega Bosses (including past and current events).

Once you have defeated the boss you will be rewarded with a Keydrive (or BloxByte Key from the Final Boss, or Skeleton Key from the Headless Hallow, or Ice Key from the Timber Scrooge) and a full bag of Ectoplasm that you can sell. Keys allow you to open boss crates that, with the exception of the Great Guardian and The Final Boss, requires 1, 5, 25, or 250 keys.

Mega Bosses

The Mega Bosses are the following

  • The Great Guardian
  • The Final Boss / The Developers
  • The Timber Scrooge (Christmas 2019, ended)
  • The Headless Hallow (Halloween 2019, ended)
  • Fluffy (Egg Hunt 2020 aka Easter 2020, ended)

Things to Note About Mega Bosses

Unlike other bosses, mega bosses have shields and can deal damage to the player, the damage taken being "corruption". The player's corruption bar is underneath the mega boss's health bar and starts off as 0% when the boss fight starts (with the exception of the Headless Hallow's boss fight). If hit by a boss attack, the player takes corruption damage (as little as 1%). Once the player's corruption bar reaches 100%, they're out of the boss fight. However, this is NOT the case for the Final Boss. There is no corruption in the fight. But there's still a time limit, however.

All mega bosses have and start off with a shield that prevents the boss from taking any damage (until it breaks) and can only be broken through using the Photon Blaster, which can be obtained from the Gatekeeper's questline. For the Final Boss's case, you need to break some pillars or some eyes to break the shield. However, for event mega bosses, all players, regardless of whether or not they completed the questline, will be able to use the photon blaster against the boss.

The boss shield is a light blue circular sphere that envelops the boss. Using the Photon Blaster, the player chips away at the "shield health". If this shield is active, the mega boss takes no damage. If the shield is up, the mega boss will attack. If this shield is broken, the boss is stunned and cannot attack (the Final Boss is an exception to this).

There is a specific duration of time for which the boss stays collapsed and for you to either vacuum or Photon Blaster it, however, the mega boss is also programmed to regenerate the shield when its health reaches certain values (typically per every 17% damage done or when the boss has 34%/67% health left).

Mega Boss Attacks

PLEASE NOTE: These will be divided into subcategories as each Mega Boss has their own unique attacks. Bosses also will not use specific attacks until they hit a certain health level

  • (All Mega Bosses) The mega boss will chase after a random player, and, upon making contact, will deal the player 10% corruption damage
  • (All Mega Bosses) The boss slams down on the ground, causing the earth to shake. Anybody (within radius) that is not on a hoverboard will be thrown back and will be dealt 7% corruption damage.
  • (All Mega Bosses) The boss slams down on the ground, causing an explosion. Anybody (within radius) will be thrown back. If on a hoverboard, the hoverboard will unequip and the player will be thrown back

The Great Guardian

PLEASE NOTE: The Great Guardian's glowing stripes can sometimes alert you of what attack it will make

  • The Great Guardian lifts its hand up and grabs a random player with a tractor beam. If the player has a hoverboard equipped, they will be pulled in quickly and will be dealt with corruption damage. If the player does not have or unequips their hoverboard, the tractor beam will drag them in much slowly, allowing the player to move slowly away
  • The Great Guardian slams the ground, causing white "blades" (that spin as they come outward) that swirl outwards from the mega boss. If hit by one of the "blades", the player is dealt damage
  • The Great Guardian shoots a purple laser from its eyes. The laser sweeps the area in front of the mega boss, but not in the back. When struck by the purple laser, the player will take corruption damage

The Timber Scrooge

PLEASE NOTE: The Timber Scrooge was part of the Christmas 2019 event and cannot be fought anymore.

  • Similar to the Great Guardian, the Timber Scrooge shoots multicolor lasers. If hit by a laser, the player will take corruption damage
  • The star on top of the Timber Scrooge is thrown out like a frisbee. If made contact with the frisbee, the player will take corruption damage
  • Similar to the Great Guardian, the Timber Scrooge holds out its star and shoots a yellow laser. The laser sweeps the area in front of the mega boss, but not in the back. When struck by the yellow laser, the player will take corruption damage
  • The Timber Scrooge roars, and areas on the floor (typically below players) gain a green effect. Hands pop out of the floor. If a player is hit by a hand, they will be sent flying and will take 7% corruption damage

The Headless Hallow

PLEASE NOTE: The Headless Hallow was part of the Halloween 2019 event and cannot be fought anymore. Prior to fighting the Headless Hallow, you will have to go through multiple rooms of the Halloween ghosts which can deal you corruption damage.
  • The lights turn off and the Headless Hallow rises into the air. The location of the Hallow can still be noted by utilizing the photon blaster. When the lights turn back on, the Hallow, who is now on the ground, slams the ground, causing an explosion and dealing damage to anybody within radius
  • The tiny skeleton head (which resembles Skeley from the Dinosaur 2019 event) on the Headless Hallow's hand, detaches the from the Hallow and chomps and wrings a random player (can be avoidable), dealing them corruption damage
  • The tiny skeleton head shoots a green laser (that cannot be dodged unless the player is wearing a certain costume from the catalog. This is pure coincidence that this costume allows you to avoid the attack), dragging the targetted player in and dealing them corruption damage
  • Similar to the Timber Scrooge, the Headless Hallow causes skeletal hands to shoot from the ground (location of where the hands will shoot out are indicated by a blue effect), dealing corruption damage to anybody that is hit.


PLEASE NOTE: To make the Easter Event easier for new players, Fluffy's health goes down twice as fast as a normal Megaboss. Also, the Easter Event is over.

  • A beam shoots out from Fluffy's eggshell and sweeps across the room, dealing corruption damage to any player that makes contact with it
  • Fluffy rises into the air, dropping eggs that deal the player corruption damage if hit
  • Similar to the Timber Scrooge and Headless Hallow, (blue) flowers pop up from the ground, dealing corruption damage to any players they hit
  • The screen flashes white and eggs start rolling from one side of the room to another. Getting hit deals the player corruption damage

The Final Boss

  • A beam shoots out from the final boss' eye, which knocks the player hit by it around. Does not deal corruption because there is no system of corruption in this boss.
  • It summons ghosts in random areas from different worlds, which can fire projectiles and possibly knock around players that did not do the Heavy Armor questline.
  • It also summons some rocks and lava, and the players must climb the rocks to avoid being thrown around (the pillars sometimes glitch and slide you off, this is currently not patched and there is no definitive way to prevent it or the ghosts hit you and you fall of).
  • (Phase 5 only) The boss throws its sword at the timer, freezing everything in place and turning the screen black and white. The boss then teleports to random players and slams them into the ground, stunning them until the boss does another attack. While it is possible to attack during this phase, your camera angle ALSO gets frozen. This could leave your camera at a bad angle, leaving you unable to attack.
  • The boss has a handful of sword attacks, and most are in his attack set for the entire duration of the fight. These include: throwing its sword up and causing a massive, hard to dodge sword rain that can easily destroy an entire team, spinning with its sword in an attempt to hit random players, and throwing its sword around the edges of the arena in an attempt to catch players off-guard.
  • The boss leaps and strikes the ground with the sword in it’s hand.
  • (Phase 5 only) It holds up the sword, the sword becomes massive and the boss will swing it left and right then strikes the middle.
  • (Phase 5 only) The boss uses its right hand to zoom in your camera by a large amount in an attempt to disorient players. The boss can do it a second time in a row and zoom in more.
  • (Phase 1-4 only) The boss will jump out of the arena, and a large amount of different-colored neon balls will roll from a random side in the arena. This attack is hard to dodge after the second phase, as you don't have your hoverboard or jetpack to quickly avoid them.
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