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Welcome to the Ghost Simulator Wiki!
Ghost Simulator is a Roblox story/simulator game developed by BloxByte Games. The objective of Ghost Simulator is to follow the story of Ghost Simulator through Quests, vacuuming new Ghosts, and leveling up your Antenna for new Biomes, all while collecting new Vacuums, Packs, Pets, Items, and Boards to help you.

Please be advised that any information provided on this wiki may change without notice. Most Wiki editors are NOT the Developers, we cannot make any changes to the game. If you would like to suggest something, do so through the official BloxByte Games Discord Server.

Also, a BIG thanks to everyone that helps out, even if its just one edit, every single small fix or large scale overhaul improves the site immensely. Wiki's are built over a long time by lots of different people; keep up the good work!

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Recent Update

🫧 Version 1.158.0 🫧
New Content
- Added ability to disable all buffs!! (Allows you to "pop" gum to use another!)
- New Limited Store Item preview area in the Clothing Store!
- Try Limited Boards before buying them!
- Premium User Benefits!! (+25% Movement Speed, Vacuum Range, and Gem Drops)
- New Faster Travel setting for those that don't want to wait
- Extra Luck Weekend Event!
- Anniversary Event has left
- 2 Boards
- 1 Pet
- Split up gums into 3 different types where 1 of each type can be used at a time
- Removed Gum Conversion luck effect from Boosted Lucky Gum
- Nerfed Bunny Gums effect to match description
- Switching servers with a disabled gum will remove it.
- Slightly increased item use speed
- Added more visible buffs to unbox screen
- Players can now toggle Auto-Unbox Gamepass
Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with using items occasionally causing an infinite loop to occur
- Controller moving off Use will now properly stop using the item
- Fixed Pumpkin gum having hitbox
- Increased Tech Ghosts gem drops which was forgotten in the previous update
- Fixed occasional Board equipping issues
- Gave Birthday Bash it's event tag
- Fixed some Fast Travel issues with Console
- Journal will now close whenever a different menu is closed on Console to hopefully fix a few issues
- Switching pages on the Journal will now not temporarily freeze your device