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Lore in Ghost Simulator is told mainly through Questline Dialogue. The overarching conflict of the Lore is the Developers versus the Agents of Luna, a group of NPCs that banded together in order to fight the devs.

Mentions of Lore don't begin until the player reaches Antenna Level 10, gaining access to Luna, Blaze, the Ghost World, and later at 11, the Backdoor.

Lore Sources

The sources used are all official and are considered canon.

Main Groups

The 3 main groups involved in the lore of Ghost Simulator include the Agents of Luna; Neutral/???; and They/Them, also known as the Devs. The motive of the Agents of Luna is to stop the plot of the evil and villainous developers, thought what “they” are planning is actually unknown.

However, in the Backdoor, many of the NPCs are shown to have a sort of data manipulation/reset because of the devs. NPCs such as Finsley and Adam are considered neutral, as, while they are against the devs, do not make any attempts to retaliate against them. As such, they are called neutrals. The only NPCs classified as "???" are Gatekeeper, Bo, and Gabe/Gab3. This is mostly because they are all very cryptic characters with no known correlation with the devs or Agents.

Messages from ???

Starting from Version 1.42.0, purple messages began to appear in the chat, the sender unknown (however it's evident that they are sent by the Agents of Luna). At the end of each message, there was a number, 1-10, and a letter.

By placing the number-letter pairs in numerical order and removing the numbers, it spells out "BLOXBYTE HQ".

Messages (In Order)

'Is this message getting through? Can you hear me, Ghost Hunter? 1B 7T'

'Hold on, I'm scrambling their chat signals. They shouldn't be able to track us now. 2L 8E'

'Ghost Hunter, we don't have a lot of time. Something big is coming... 3O'

'We finally found them. They've been hiding all this time... They are at (BloxByte HQ)... It didn't let the message go through. Can you patch it, (Leo)? 4X 9H'

'Please let this message get through... It looks like all five of them are there and preparing for battle... the biggest battle yet... It's time to decide the fate of our world! 5B'

'We need you to be ready. Gather everyone you can. We're counting on you. The back door is your key... 6Y 10Q'

Agents of Luna

The Agents of Luna, abbreviated as "AoL", are a group of NPCs that banded together in order to stop the Devs. The Confirmed AoL were revealed in Luna's Room, located at spawn, and the Agents HQ, a bonus biome in the Backdoor (however Luna's Room marked some NPCs that as neutral, despite the Agents HQ marking them as agents. It's worth noting that neutral-agents do not give any lore related information to the player.

Blaze, Ace, Luna, Leo, and Shelly, they developed a portal to the Ghost World so that they could study the ghosts there. However in the development of the portal, Luna walked in right when Blaze was opening the portal, causing the portal to suck Luna, Ace, Yoko, Fern, Leo, Rowan, and Jax into the Ghost World. It was later revealed that this accident was caused by Ace, who was working with the devs at that time.

Confirmed Agents of Luna include Blaze, Luna, Fern, Shelly, Leo, Riley, Yoko, and Rowan.


Game Lore (Derived from the Game)

Ghost Hunter Blaze is one of the first Agents of Luna the player can encounter, and one of the 2 agents located in the Main World. According to Ghost Hunter Boven, Blaze enjoys apples.

Believing that the loss of Luna and the others was his fault, Blaze became obsessed with finding a way to the other side (the Ghost World). During this his sister, Shelly, decided to walk through the portal to find the others, causing Blaze to lose yet another important person. Because of this, he became paranoid and obsessed with finding a way through. Blaze didn't believe that Shelly, as a frail girl, could survive the conditions of the Ghost World. This was later proved wrong, as Shelly became stronger and more energized after enterring.

Log Lore (Derived from videos on MakkieMon's YouTube Channel)

Log 1 begins with Blaze excitedly announcing that he has been awarded a position to lead "a project towards the future". Unfortunately, Luna was not promoted with him, but Blaze didn't tell her about his promotion. His organization had discovered a creature unlike any other which he dubs "Subject One" (Subject One also happens to be one of the Bosses the player can fight) and begins investigating.

In Log 20, Blaze notes that the creature appears to be some sort of hybrid from another world. No matter what they did to it, it would always return to its original shape. When noticing its regenerative properties, Blaze wonders if it could be used to cure his sister Shelly, who had an incurable illness.

In Log 32, Blaze begins to study Subject One's DNA, extracting it and then transferring it into human cells. When he supercharged the cells with "ecto-energy" (from Subject One), it produced a small regenerative sample. Blaze named the sample B.O.B. for no reason other than the fact that he found it rather amusing. Bob became the first pet, and many pets would later follow.

In Log 37, Blaze announces that he and his company will finally begin their test to make it to "the other world". Blaze believes, that, with the access to "the other side", he will be able to find the key to curing the human race. As he is launching, Luna suddenly yells Blaze's name. Blaze is in shock, the project launches, and the record is cut off.

Log 44 is a lot more cryptic than all the other logs. It begins with Blaze desperately wanting to reach the other side. He wants to save "them" from what he and they did. "Who could be so heartless as to use the very people that swore loyalty to the work... The science...". The log ends with Shelly telling Blaze that she can help, and Blaze warning Shelly to stay away from the Rift.


Game Lore (Derived from the Game)

Ghost Hunter Shelly is the first NPC / AoL member that was introduced in Ghost World. She was previously heavily sick with a unknown illness, her older brother Ghost Hunter Blaze desperately looking for a cure to help her. She would have very bad headaches, and sometimes did random things (“not anything bad, obviously“) that she had no control over, as if she were being controlled.

After the incident with her brother Blaze and the rift, she decided for herself to go inside the rift on her own to search for his friends, hoping to bring them back. Though, as soon as she entered, the rift closed behind her, leaving Shelly alone in the middle of ”nowhere”. Though as she was in Ghost World, she kept on feeling healthier and healthier.

Shelly became controlled by “them” making her seem very optimistic and very childish, often having the player perform quests for her amusement. In her first quests, Shelly seems erratic, but as the quests go on she begins to remember her past.

Log Lore (Derived from videos on MakkieMon’s channel)

(Log 1-37 don’t really have anything with Shelly.)

In Log 44, Shelly asks if she can help her brother Blaze with the incident, but he refuses to let her help at all.

” You stay away from that rift, you hear me? I don’t want to lose another... “

In Log 48, Shelly is now talking. She knows that her brother wants her to stay away from his own work, but she’s concerned about her brother’s general health. She says that she will find the others, she WILL stop “their” plans (for good). She then proceeds to say goodbye, and then warping noises are heard, similar to the ones at the end of Log 37.

“ I’m more concerned for your health then you are for mine. “

Lore Discussion (from the BloxByte Discord Server)

According to Leo, the devs got to Shelly was when she was trapped in Ghost World. The Ghastly Fruits were a thing that was considered food in Ghost World, but “eating the wrong ones could make you lose your memory.” Shelly ended up eating lots of the “wrong ones”, which then resulted in “them” taking over her mind. When you get another Ghastly Fruit in one of her quests, that was also a wrong one, clogging her memory up even more.


Game Lore (Derived from the game)

Rowan was one of Blaze’s co-workers/friends that helped test the “project”. Though, as he was in the rift, he somehow glitched to Reverse City, where he was there for a very long time, walking around, alone, with no ability to connect to the others. Though, now Leo and Luna have connection and are now able to communicate with Rowan.

There is no mention of Rowan in the lore logs on MakkieMon’s channel, nor any real mention by any of the agents in the BloxByte Discord Server.


Game Lore (Derived from the game)

Leo is Blaze’s “rival” and was sucked into the ”project” along with the others. He ended up getting caught by “them”, resulting in him locked in a cage. When Luna was able to get out of the rift, she and him were able to communicate with technology, and he explains the story from his point of view. Leo is the more techy person of the Agents, as Luna asked him to patch something, and his ability was also shown when he was able to hack into the Roblox chat under the Dev's radar. It was also confirmed that he has a crush on Luna.

There is no mention of Leo in any of the logs on MakkieMon’s channel, but it has been hinted there may be one in the future.

Lore Discussions (from the BloxByte Discord Server)

Leo, or Agent Leo on Discord, gives LOTS of information and is the most talkative. He’s talked about things such as love interests, coding, etc. He also claims to have escaped from the cage and that the Leo in there is only a hologram. Some of his messages are;

“ Blaze and I... are kind of like oil and water. I mean, he’s an alright guy, but he’s a bit... crazy. He’s obssesed with science. Me.. I’m more of a computer nerd. “

“ Luna’s like my best friend. I’ll follow her anywhere. She’s one awesome leader too... but T.T pretty sure she likes Blaze. “

“ Well what’s weird is, it’s almost like he (Anomaly) came from a completely different game based off his coding. but i’m not sure. “

“ She (Shelly) often teams up with Bo for funny pranks on everyone.“


(small note for editors: move Ace to the dev section when possible)

Ace worked with Luna and the others on making the portal to the rift (this was before the group was formed). However, at that time, Ace was corrupted and had already sided with the devs. He is the reason behind the portal accident, resulting in many Agents to be sucked into the Ghost World, himself included. According to Jax, Ace was rather quiet, was one of the youngest on the science team, and was often picked on by others.

Game Lore (Derived from Game)

Not much is known about Ace. He once worked with Luna, Blaze, and Leo on the rift, and was responsible for the accident that caused them to be sucked up. Though before the incident, he was corrupted by “them” and was always on the ”their” side.

Lore Discussions (from the BloxByte Discord Server

According to MakkieMon, both Jax and Fern had a crush on Ace, the former joining "them" in order to get a chance to talk to Ace again.


Riley is a fairly new member of the AoL, who wasn’t really around during the “incident“.

Game Lore (Derived from the game)

Not much is given about Riley from the game. Riley seemed to have malfunctions in her code (which was most likely caused by the devs) and appeared to end up being deleted at the end. However, a cloud mentioned in one of her quests (#14), where she requires you to deliver something to the cloud. This turns out to be Riley uploading her own data to the cloud storage, saving herself.

There is no mention of Riley in any lore log video on MakkieMon’s channel.

Lore Discussion (From the Bloxbyte Discord Server)

According to Leo, Riley was (self) aware that she was having malfunctions, and as she told you to “go to the cloud”, it was uploading her coding to it. So when ”they” thought they deleted Riley’s coding entirely, they actually didn’t. She was then invited to join the ranks of the AoL to fight against “them”, and she accepted the offer.


Luna is the leader of the Agents Of Luna group.

Game Lore (Derived from the Game)

Luna worked in Area 51 with her friend Blaze. She was one of the first people to get sucked into the rift, and was stuck in Ghost World for a while, but was able to escape. She was then manipulated by “them” to think Blaze was responsible for this mess (even though that’s not really true) but then found out.. that thought was incorrect. She was then able to communicate with Leo and Rowan, and is now planning a massive battle against ”them” for what they did to everyone.

Lore Logs (derived from MakkieMon’s youtube channel)

In Log 37, Luna is heard calling out to Blaze, ten Blaze calling back, surprised, and warp noises could be heard. The log then ends, cutting off.

In “Luna’s Distress Call”, we hear Luna calling for help. She has been trapped in Ghost World for around 86 days, and this is her 103rd distress call. “ I WON’T GIVE UP ON TRYING TO GET BACK! “ She says, and she’ll put a stop to whoever did this. Her voice starts muffling, and she’s lost signal.

” It’s been a while since I’ve seen the sun.. the REAL sun. “

Lore Discussions (from the Bloxbyte Discord Server)

A lot more information is given when AgentOfLuna (Luna) or Agent Leo is online. It is said that she has a crush on Ghost Hunter Blaze, and she seems to be heavily working hard. As she‘s the leader (and more busier then the others) she’s less active then Leo, but she’s still there. She doesn’t want fun or games, she just wants to simply win the devs.


Yoko is a spy for the AoL group.

Game Lore (Derived from the game)

Yoko is a spirited spy for the AoL but was manipulated to be completely different from his actual personality by “them”, as seen at the beginning of his quest line. He was also sucked into the rift along with the others. It’s also hinted thay Yoko may have a crush on his leader, Luna. He seems to be one of the first NPCs to know who “they” or “them” are, as he reveals it to the player in his dialogue in his quest line.

There is no mention of Yoko in the logs, nor real mention in any of the Agent’s messages on the Bloxbyte Discord Server.


Jax is a former ally for the Agent Of Luna group.

Game Lore (Derived from the game)

Jax was sucked into the “project” along with the others, but she found herself at some point nowhere near any of them, including Ace, who she liked, or had a massive crush on. After finding out that Ace was on the ”their” side, Jax decided to give up being an ally so she could at least talk to him again. She is also sisters with Fern, who is still a member of the AoL.

There is no mention of Jax in the logs in MakkieMon’s YouTube channel.

Lore Discussions (From the Bloxbyte Discord Server)

Confirmed by Ghost Hunter Makkie (MakkieMon), Jax has a crush on Ace (and Fern may have had one as well). Luna may or may not know that Jax and Fern are secretly related, but it‘s safe with Leo.


Game Lore (Derived from the Game)

Fern is a very quiet member of the AoL that was also sucked into the “project” and was separated from her older sister, Jax.

There is no mention of Fern in the logs on MakkieMon’s youtube channel.

Lore Discussions (from the BloxByte Discord Server)

Fern is said by Leo that she’s a bit more silent then the other members. Fern likes to write and draw, and she’s also sad that her sister Jax is no longer with the AoL. Along with that, Fern asked Leo to keep the secret from Luna that she and Jax are related, though Luna may be aware of this.

Other NPCS (Will be divided into subcategories later)

Despite the AoL being the main drive of the story, other NPCs are known to drop hints of lore every once in a while. These NPCs are NOT members on the AoL (nor confirmed allies), which is why they are in a different category.

The Easter NPCs

The Easter NPCs (or the Egg Hunters) were a group of questlines that were around in Ghost Simulator’s Egg Hunt 2020 / Easter Event, and they dropped some hints.


Ella was the first Easter NPC to come out, and is also the first one to be gone from the event.

Game Lore (Derived from the Game)

Ella used to be Pink Elf from the Winter / Christmas Event in 2019. She hacked through the coding and managed to get a spot in the Easter Event in 2020. She had abandoned her elf friends without letting them know, saying she’ll send a post card later on and that she‘s made some new friends along the way. The reason she even decided to leave her fellow elves was due to the fact that she was not a huge fan of winter itself, and prefered spring much better.

Lore Discussions (from the BloxByte Discord Server)

Pink Elf, or Ella, is said to be the only Easter NPC and elf self aware. ”she literally hacked her away out of the christmas event”, Leo said.

Other Easter NPCs (Cullen, Lilly, etc.)

The other easter NPCs (Cullen, Lilly, Stella, and Reid) also give some hints to Bo, another Ghost Hunter. This is shown as some of the egg hunters do emoticons in their dialogue, and saying “a guy who passed by taught me how to do it! :3”


Wylan is one of the Dylan “clones”, and while despite being a member of the devs side, he does give hints on what “they” are planning. He says through his dialogue that “they” are creating more ”clones”, and the lifeless Dylan’s in the tubes in the Spaceship aren’t exactly “created” yet, and he also mentions some sort of “Father”, which is theorized to be one of the devs. He also mentions how the “goo” you find for him and Jylan is ”important to us—I mean me!”.


Boven (not to be confused with Bo, despite being somewhat similar) is said to be an experiment made to “enhance the NPC programming with a tech interface”, along with his “brother” Joven. Basically, they’re ”digital cyborgs“. He seems to be sending lots of ss’s (screenshots) to the Devs and the AoL, before later told to be stopped.

Boven used to be a guard to “them” in a way with his brother, but suddenly got caught up within the whole battle. He then had to pick a side, to go with his family along with Joven and the Devs, or with his friends, the AoL. He struggled to pick a side, deciding to become neutral. Though, he is currently trying to stop everyone from fighting, so that “everyone could be happy again.“ We still don’t know if he will succeed or not.


Bo, the only ghost hunter who is a ghost, has said in his Atlantis Event dialogue that he was previously a member of the Devs. Along with that, he sometime breaks the fourth wall in his dialogue and calls the player different names such as Alison and Charlotte.

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