The Ghost Simulator Limited Store, found in the lower right side in-game, supplies users with all available Gamepasses and purchasable Boards and Pets. Everything in the Limited Store can only be purchased in Robux and are available normally for 2 weeks, however, the Pets and Boards can be traded with other users.

Items Sold

PLEASE NOTE: The only items that are currently available are the ones for sale. Everything else is limited and can only be obtained by trading with other players

Legendary Boards Godly Pets Godly Boards
Paradox Reaper Shattered
Revboard Fire Chick 8-Bit
Gamma Board Star Volt
Sunset Oof Void Runner
Lightspeed Moonlight Pelican
Riptide Ink Beast Hunter
Falcon Coco Rainbow
Zap Scar Scoop
Creamsicle 4D Rockin Roller
n00b Overseer Royalty
Click Syd Orbit
Cursed Witch Halloween-Bit
Treats Jack-O-Lantern Ticktock
Hypno Kaboom Axe
Forcefield Candy Bag EVE

Tsunami Maple V8
North Pole Snowflake Christmas-Bit
Snowglobe Hot Coco Christmas Branch
Toboggan Droplet S-Model
Piano Mellow Octane
Marine Lemonslick Lovestruck
Gemwarp Blimp MONARK
Chalkboard Permafrost Pugmaster
A-Wing Galaxy Backdoor
Sky Fly Lil Buns Eggdrop
Daisy Crisp Kite
Nostalgia Sale Royal
Mr. JAWZ Slurp Spectrum
Charity Event
Broken Juice Hive
Karma Brewer Skylight
The Final Obliterator U. F. O.
Widow Digi-Ghost Cog Ship
Gem Beam Apollo Diamond Wing
X-Zost Glitter Star Ship
Pixel Ghost Phantom Fish The Key
Duskseeker Phantom Runner Ghost Train
Ghost Phone Shadowsphere Batwing
Demonwing Grimoire Grimkeeper
Flint Wiz Hot Diggity Dog
Bloom Shadowcast
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