The Hoverboard is unlocked by completing Ghost Hunter Adam's final quest, and the player is also rewarded with the Basic Hoverboard). The Hoverboard is much faster than walking, making it one of the most important Unlockable Upgrades in the game. Hoverboards are also needed for some Ring-Jumping quests and obbies (Unless the player has the x2 Agility Gamepass).

When in the Ghost World, the Hoverboard is allowed an infinite amount of jumps, making it a useful upgrade to have.

You can also unbox Hoverboard Skins, which, while they don't affect any gameplay*, look cooler than the Basic Hoverboard. Hoverboard Skins can be obtained in many ways, all are listed below. There are always 2 different skins on sale in the Robux Store, and can also be obtained by opening Hoverboard Crates. They can also be unlocked by completing "tasks", such as vacuuming 100 Spooky Ghosts or defeating Grim 10 Times. Boards can also be unlocked using Ecto-Tokens or Souls.

Hoverboards were also available for free during the Egg Hunt 2020 / Ghost Simulator Easter Update for new players trying to get the egg.

Hoverboard Crates.

Rarity Hoverboard Crate #1 Hoverboard Crate #2 Hoverboard Crate #3 Hoverboard Crate #4 Hoverboard Crate #5 Hoverboard Crate #6
Common EXplore Chocolate X-ORANGE Purple Stacks RKT-Blue Green ORBs
Uncommon White Out Strawberry X-PINK Green Stacks RKT-Red Pink ORBs
Rare Pursuit Sprinkles X-TEAL Red Stacks RKT-Green Teal ORBs
Legendary Quad Lolly FOOREX Off-Road RKT-S ARROW
Godly Twin Thruster Ice Cream Sammy XENON Zoomer RKT-X CUB3
Classified Feathershock Sky Surfer Oblivion Space Shuttle Varus Glow Jet

Boss Boards (obtained from Boss Crates)

Forest Boss Crate City Boss Crate Sewer Boss Crate Wild West Boss Crate Beach Boss Crate Volcano Boss Crate Grim Loot Bag Anomaly


Logboard Sk8board The Pipe Alien Board Surfboard Flameboard Royal Speed
Gemship Ace B-L-O-X

*The Santa's Sleigh board is capable of performing glitches other boards cannot


Limited Boards

  • Robux Store boards
  • Event Boards can be found in their respective Event Page.
  • Boards obtained from Codes can be found there.
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