Gum is a consumable item that will give the player certain boosts depending on the flavor.

Similar to the incinerator, the gumball machine (one in each world) will give the player gumballs in exchange for items (note that this is not a 1:1 ratio). There are 3 tiers of gum: Basic, Ghostly, and Glitchy; the latter being the strongest and the former the weakest. They come from Main Hub, Ghost World, and Backdoor, respectively. Gum multiplier is either x2, x3, or x4, depending on the tier.

The effects of one gumball will last for 2 minutes. During that duration, you cannot use any other gum, until the current gum effect has ended, and switching servers/worlds will remove the effect of the gum.

Gums Effects Rarities

Zoom Gum

Increases the speed of the player. Common



Increases the vacuum speed of the player. Common
Nitro Gum Increases the speed of your hoverboard. Uncommon
Loot Gum Increases the item drop amount that the player can get from a ghost. Uncommon
Bunny Gum Increases the jump height of the player. Rare
X Gum Increases the sell rate of the player. Rare
Gem Gum Increases the gem rate of the player. Legendary
Lucky Gum Increases chances of unboxing Legendary+ Pets and Boards from Pet and Board Crates. Godly
Boss Gum Increases the amount of Boss Loot that a player can get from Boss Drops (Chests, Lootbags, etc.) Mythical
Rift Gum Massively increases the gem rate of the player/user by around 1,000x.*


*This gum is over powered when combined with loads of stored Anomaly Loot bags because of its massive gem multiplier.

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