The 2020 Easter Event started on the 6th of April 2020 and lasted until the 28th (same time frame as the Roblox Easter Event), it was additionally available without the possibility of getting the ghastly egg until May 1st. Easter Land (accessed through a portal in the Forest Biome) has 7 new Ghosts (Including Fluffy the megaboss), a new set of Crates one for Boards and another for Pets, some Easter Key Chests containing both pets and boards, and a new Ghost Hunter with 7 quests.

On April 10th (Friday after update) a new update was added where 4 new Egg Hunters were added to different areas of the Ghost Sim world. These 4 Egg Hunters hinted at Bo and rewarded players with Prize Eggs for completion of their quests. The NPC's are found in these 4 areas, Wild West, Swamp, Ghostly Islands near Jester Spawn and in the Fluffy Mega Boss area. (Please note that these quests do NOT need to be completed in order to get the Ghost Simulator Egg).

On April 17th (2nd week of event) there was a 3 day double egg event, although this was meant to encourage people to grind for some of the easter crates it is likely very few people actually made much use of it.

Ella's questline is relatively easy, and Fluffy's health goes down twice as fast. Along with that, players that have not unlocked the Hoverboard yet are able to access it in the Easter Land biome. This is meant to make the Easter Event completable under 10 minutes, as Ghost Simulator is participating in the Roblox 2020 Egg Hunt.

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  • Prize Eggs
    • Eggs that could be obtained by doing a 4 different quests and redeeming 1 code. These eggs can be opened on the 24th of April and after.
  • Easter Land
    • The biome in which the event (for the most part) takes place in
  • Easter Ghosts
    • Ghosts found only in Easter Land
  • Easter Key Chests
    • Pets and Hoverboards obtained from the Easter Key Chests
  • Easter Crates
    • Pets and Hoverboards obtained from the Easter Egg Crates
  • Ghastly Egg
    • This is an official Roblox egg that could be obtained during the Easter event.
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