The Developers Chests are able to be opened with a BloxByte Key, which is obtained by defeating the Final Boss, the developers. Since we have 5 Developers in total they are seperated to 1 room each. Each Dev Chest contains Legendaries, Godlies, Mythicals, and the new Corrupted rarity, with a pet and board of each type per chest. Although the chances are unknown it is highly likely that these Corrupteds will be slightly gamebreaking when it comes to statistical progression.

CovenK's Crate


Tier Board Pet
Legendary Air Shox
Godly Sunrider Scoops
Mythical Luna Tato
Corrupted CovenK CovenK

Goro7's Crate


Tier Board Pet
Legendary Fire Lucha Chonks
Godly USB Plasma
Mythical Drifty Technoscore
Corrupted Goro7 Goro7

Didi1147's Crate


Tier Board Pet
Legendary Light Bombastic
Godly Sunrize Jaspar
Mythical Phoenix Mr. Fuzz
Corrupted Didi1147 Didi1147

Thexz Crate


Tier Board Pet
Legendary Water Goggles
Godly Nub Airhead
Mythical Flash Loremaster
Corrupted Thexz Thexz

MakkieMon's Crate


Tier Board Pet
Legendary Earth Phil
Godly DIAMONDZ Krepy Kat
Mythical Dia Colorblaster
Corrupted MakkieMon MakkieMon

Mini Final Crate


Tier Pet
Corrupted Mini Final

Those are the 6 Developers Crates.


  • Most of the pets and boards are concept arts from the official BloxByte server. It is said that Goro7 had accepted almost 30+ concepts from the official BloxByte Discord Server.
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