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Codes are redeemables published on BloxByte Games' twitter page and in the official BloxByte Games Discord Server. They can be redeemed through the twitter button on the left-hand side of the screen while in the game. When redeemed, these codes will unlock Pets, Hoverboards, Gems, Event Currency, Event Boss Loot, and various other prizes. Some codes expire after a certain amount of time, while others continue to stay valid. Some codes are exclusive to certain people with certain ranks (as listed in the chart below). Usually, codes are added every update and last until the next one.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to redeem any of the codes, you must be in the official BloxByte Games group on Roblox. Some codes require you to be in a specific position or higher, such as tester or content creator.

ø Marker for Versions that don’t change its Version number from the previous Version, but still adds something new.

Current Codes:

Code Reward Version


Status Tradable
N/A Mod HAMMER v1.78.0 Vaild
(Moderators Only)
N/A Admin HAMMER v1.78.0 Valid
(Admins Only)
v1.84.0 Valid
(Influencers Only)
FIREFLY Firefly v1.0.ø Valid No
R1FT Purple Pegasus v1.4.0 Valid No
SPAC3 Dave v1.5.0 Valid No
1YEAR x1 One Year Bag v1.51.0 Valid No

The End Code

v1.57.0 Valid No
PLAY The Cosmic Hand v1.57.0 Valid No
BB500K Blox Boy 500 v1.64.? Valid No
2YEARS Encryption v1.80.2 Valid No
PUGSARECOOL Pug v1.84.ø Valid Yes
SUNPROTEC SPF-GS v1.89.0 Valid No
BACONRA1D Stack O' Bacon v1.90.0 Valid No
EXCITE! EXCITE! v1.91.0 Valid
BOOSTED Boosted Lucky Gum

Custom Influencer Codes:

Influencer Code Reward
Amzeee 272
Devonerco Games
Shelo Sial

Expired Codes:

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Code Reward Version


Status Tradable
YOUTUBE YouTuber Board

Fire Pegasus

v1.0.0 Invalid
(Content Creators Only) - Disabled v1.84.0
THANKYOU ALPHA v1.0.0 Invalid
(Testers Only) - Disabled v1.77.0
GHOST Ice Pegasus v1.0.0 Invalid Yes
10K Lil' Buddy v1.3.0 Invalid Yes
LUNA 2,000 Gems v1.2.? Invalid No
777 7,777 Gems v1.4.1 Invalid No
HOV3R Hot v1.6.0 Invalid Yes
JULY4TH Skyburst v1.7.0 Invalid Yes
K3YS 3 Crate Keys v1.8.0 Invalid No
FLASH Bolt v1.9.0 Invalid Yes
100K 10,000 Gems v1.10.0 Invalid No
NEWBOSS Sewer Boss Chest v1.11.0 Invalid Yes
GOODLUCK Green Pegasus v1.12.0 Invalid Yes
RUSH Event Bait v1.13.0 Invalid No
BROTHER 3x Sewer Boss Chests v1.14.0 Invalid Yes
ROCKIN Rockstar v1.15.0 Invalid Yes
SUGAR 5,000 Gems v1.16.0 Invalid No
SHIELD Shield v1.17.0 Invalid Yes
CHROMA Chroma Pegasus v1.18.0 Invalid Yes
LUCKY 7,500 Gems v1.19.0 Invalid No
BAGMAN Mr. Bags v1.20.0 Invalid Yes
PUMPKIN Pumpkin Pegasus v1.21.0 Invalid Yes
TRICKRTREAT 150 Candies v1.22.0 Invalid No
SP00KY Sweet Tooth v1.23.0 Invalid Yes
HALLOWEEN Halloween Boy v1.23.1 Invalid Yes
SWEET 250 Candy v1.24.0 Invalid No
DUNGEON Dungeon Gate v1.25.0 Invalid Yes
SWAMP Ogre v1.26.0 Invalid Yes
LEAVES R.A.K.E v1.27.0 Invalid Yes
BAIT Event Bait v1.28.0 Invalid No
BLOOP Bloop v1.29.0 Invalid Yes
MINTY Holiday Pegasus v1.30.0 Invalid Yes
ICY Ice v1.31.0 Invalid Yes
XMAS 10 Ice Keys v1.31.2 Invalid No
CANES Candy Canes v1.32.0 Invalid No
2020 Burst

2020 Firework

v1.32.1 Invalid Yes
LASTWEEK 3 Ice Keys v1.33.0 Invalid No
JET Tri-Jet v1.34.0 Invalid Yes
WEKNOW Mushi v1.35.0 Invalid Yes
YOUKNOW Ribbon v1.36.0 Invalid Yes
BB100K Blox Bytes v1.36.ø Invalid Yes
ABOUTUS Crate Key v1.37.0 Invalid No
SPIRAL Trippy v1.38.0 Invalid Yes
HEART Giggles v1.39.0 Invalid Yes
MORELOOT Event Bait v1.40.0 Invalid No
JOV3N Dr. Dice v1.41.0 Invalid Yes
JOURNAL Victory v1.42.0 Invalid Yes
BOSSPETS x1 Event Bait v1.43.0 Invalid No
PATTY Lucky Boy v1.43.ø Invalid Yes
CHANCE x1 Crate Key v1.44.0 Invalid No
CYBER Glitch Pegasus v1.45.0 Invalid Yes
V1RTU4L GRID v1.46.0 Invalid Yes
EGGHUNT Spring Pegasus v1.46.4 Invalid Yes
BB250K Byte v1.47.0 Invalid Yes
EGGSCITED EGG EGG EGG v1.48.0 Invalid Yes
SPRING Social Prize Egg v1.49.0 Invalid No
HOPHOP x1 Crate Key v1.50.0 Invalid No
TRAINER x1 Crate Key v1.52.0 Invalid No
LEADER Leader One v1.53.0 Invalid Yes
RELIEF Dr. Doctor v1.54.0 Invalid Yes
LUCK x1 Crate Key v1.55.0 Invalid No
ITSCOMING ButterBoy v1.56.0 Invalid Yes
JUNE Flop v1.58.0 Invalid Yes
BIT Bit Missile v1.59.0 Invalid Yes
HAPPY4TH Firecracker v1.59.ø Invalid Yes
VANITY Vanity v1.60.0 Invalid Yes
CLASSIFIED x1 Crate Key v1.61.0 Invalid No
SEA Aqua Pegasus

x500 Sand Dollars

v1.62.0 Invalid Yes
FISHIN x10 Atlantis Keys v1.63.0 Invalid No
SQUAD Sports King v1.64.0 Invalid Yes
GUMGUM x1 Basic Zoom Gum v1.65.0 Invalid Yes
BUBBLE Gumball v1.65.0 Invalid Yes
SHOCKER Shocker v1.66.0 Invalid Yes
HAUNTED Creepy Krepy Cat

350 Candies

v1.67.0 Invalid Yes
SOUL x10 Soul Keys v1.68.0 Invalid No
GOBBLE x250 Golden Turkey Legs v1.69.0 Invalid No
EPILOGUE Royal Krepy Cat v1.70.0 Invalid Yes
JOLLY Holiday Krepy Cat

x350 Snowflakes

v1.71.0 Invalid Yes
2020OVER Overshot 2021

Fireflight 2021

v1.72.0 Invalid Yes (pet)

No (board)

100M Royal Gem v1.73.0 Invalid Yes
WINTER Starfly v1.74.0 Invalid Yes
ARROW Cupid v1.75.0 Invalid Yes
TELEPORT 1x Event Bait v1.76.0 Invalid No
T3ST Alpha Vortex v1.77.0 Invalid
(Testers Only) - Disabled v1.80.3
R3B1RTH Star-Striped Pegasus v1.77.0 Invalid Yes
TOYS Lava Java v1.78.0 Invalid Yes
SH0P T-Duck v1.79.0 Invalid Yes
VO1D French Bread v1.80.0 Invalid Yes
M3TA Sunset Pegasus v1.81.0 Invalid No
SUMM3R Snazzy Pegasus v1.82.0 Invalid No
BOSSRAID Bloo Chonks v1.83.0 Invalid No
PUZZLE Sorrow v1.84.0 Invalid No
1STRANDO x2 Event Bait v1.84.ø Invalid No
HIBLOXBYTE x1 Crate Key v1.84.ø Invalid No
ETERNAL12 x1 Crate Key v1.84.ø Invalid No
REMNANT Sugardrop v1.85.0 Invalid No
LIBERTY Freedom v1.85.ø Invalid No
S1LLYBUNNY x1 Crate Key v1.85.ø Invalid No
LEAK x1 Crate Key v1.85.ø Invalid No
2NDARC Fallen Spirit v1.86.0 Invalid No
UWURACER Jinshi v1.87.0 Invalid No
BOOST Squeezed v1.88.0 Invalid No
SADGE Sadge v1.88.ø Invalid No
NOTACODE 1x Event Bait
x2 Crate Key
v1.90.ø Invalid No


  • The code LEVEL15 was renamed to SHOCKER.
  • The code VO1D was VOID by accident, so a small update happened to change it back to VO1D.
  • On v1.80.3, T3ST, the code for Alpha Vortex was disabled. The board will now be added to new testers' inventories.
  • EternalGTS was the first person to have a code named after them (not including Influencers). They were also the first to win a giveaway for a code named after them.
  • SillyBunny was the first person to have a code named after them because of their fanart.