Codes are redeemables published on BloxByte Games' twitter page. They can be redeemed through the twitter button on the left-hand side of the screen. When redeemed, these codes will unlock Pets, Hoverboards, and Gems. In a certain amount of time, these codes will expire, some will stay valid for others. Some codes are exclusive to certain people with certain ranks. Those are displayed on the table down below. Usually, codes are added on a weekly basis. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to redeem any of the codes, you must be in the official BloxByte Games group on Roblox. Some codes require you to be in a specific position or higher, such as tester or content creator 

Code Reward Status Tradable
THANKYOU ALPHA Valid (Testers Only) Yes
FIREFLY Firefly Valid No
GHOST Ice Pegasus Invalid Yes
YOUTUBE Youtuber Board and Fire Pegasus Valid (Content Creators Only) Yes
10K Lil' Buddy Invalid Yes
LUNA 2,000 Gems Invalid No
R1FT Purple Pegasus Valid No
777 7,777 Gems Invalid No
SPAC3 Dave Valid No
HOV3R Hot Invalid Yes
JULY4TH Skyburst Invalid Yes
K3YS 3 Crate Keys Invalid No
FLASH Bolt Invalid Yes
100K 10,000 Gems Invalid No
NEWBOSS Sewer Boss Chest Invalid Yes
GOODLUCK Green Pegasus Invalid Yes
RUSH Boss Bait Invalid No
BROTHER 3x Sewer Boss Chests Invalid Yes
ROCKIN Rockstar Invalid Yes
SUGAR 5,000 Gems Invalid No
SHIELD Shield Invalid Yes
CHROMA Chroma Pegasus Invalid Yes
LUCKY 7,500 Gems Invalid No
BAGMAN Mr. Bags Invalid Yes
PUMPKIN Pumpkin Pegasus Invalid Yes
TRICKRTREAT 150 Candies Invalid No
SP00KY Sweet Tooth Invalid Yes
HALLOWEEN Halloween Boy Invalid Yes
DUNGEON Dungeon Gate Invalid Yes
SWAMP Ogre Invalid Yes
LEAVES R.A.K.E Invalid Yes
BLOOP Bloop Invalid Yes
MINTY Holiday Pegasus Invalid Yes
ICY Ice Invalid Yes
XMAS 10 Ice Keys Invalid No
2020 Burst & 2020 Firework Invalid Yes
LASTWEEK 3 Ice Keys Invalid No
JET Tri-Jet Invalid Yes
WEKNOW Mushi Invalid Yes
YOUKNOW Ribbon Invalid Yes
BB100K Blox Bytes Invalid Yes
ABOUTUS Crate Key Invalid No
SPIRAL Trippy Invalid Yes
HEART Giggles Invalid Yes
MORELOOT Boss Bait Invalid No
JOV3N Dr. Dice Invalid Yes
JOURNAL Victory Invalid Yes
BOSSPETS x1 Boss Bait Invalid No
PATTY Lucky Boy Invalid Yes
CHANCE x1 Crate Key Invalid No
CYBER Glitch Pegasus Invalid Yes
V1RTU4L Grid Invalid Yes
EGGHUNT Spring Pegasus Invalid Yes
BB250K Byte Invalid Yes
SPRING Social Prize Egg Invalid No
HOPHOP x1 Crate Key Invalid No
1YEAR x1 One Year Bag Valid No
TRAINER x1 Crate Key Invalid No
LEADER Leader One Invalid Yes
RELIEF Dr. Doctor Invalid Yes
LUCK x1 Crate Key Invalid No
ITSCOMING ButterBoy Invalid Yes
THEEND Gears and The End Code Valid No
PLAY The Cosmic Hand Valid No
JUNE Flop Invalid Yes
BIT Bit Missle Invalid Yes
HAPPY4TH Firecracker Invalid Yes
VANITY Vanity Invalid Yes
CLASSIFIED x1 Crate Key Invalid No
SEA Aqua Pegasus, x500 Sea Dollars Invalid No
FISHIN x10 Atlantis Keys Invalid No
SQUAD Sports King Invalid No
BB500K Blox Boy 500 Valid No
GUMGUM x1 Basic Zoom Gum Invalid Yes
BUBBLE Gumball Invalid No
SHOCKER Shocker Invalid Yes
HAUNTED Creepy Krepy Cat Valid Yes

Fun Fact: The code LEVEL15 was renamed to SHOCKER.

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