Ghost Simulator's 30th update game picture.

This event was added in Version 1.30.0 and lasted until Version 1.33.1

Christmas Event Pass board found in the North Pole.

Sign in forest that points to the Polar Express.

Christmas Event 2019

Ghost Simulator's 2019 Christmas Event had players travel to the North Pole to help save Santa and do a variety of other Tasks. Most of the Pets obtainable from this event were really good. During this event it was possible to buy Ice Keys at a few different rates; You could either buy 25 Ice Keys for 250 R$, 100 for 800 R$, or 250 for 1,700 R$. The last of which would enable you to get either mythical item making both of them more common than their Halloween counter parts (Mini-Hallows and Darkwing). There were also 2 Crates found in the Shop that allowed users to purchase Boards and Pets for Candy Canes. There were a few different Ghosts which dropped a few Items. During Update 31 there was a special 2x Candy Cane Event lasting from 12/20-12/22. This was repeated during the last weekend Update 33 from 1/3 - 1/5

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