Biomes are unlocked as you progress through the game and upgrade an Antenna level. Each biome requires your antenna level to be a minimum of 1 - 20 in order to be accessed. If the player's Antenna level doesn't meet the minimum requirement, the area will go dark and the music changes and becomes somewhat more intense. Bonus Biomes are biomes that are unlocked by using items obtained from multiple biomes (typically 3). Ghosts in Bonus Biomes drop more Gems, and, at somewhere in a Bonus Biome (typically at the top or end), there is a Gem Chest that gives the player Gems (if interacted with). Gem Chests have cooldown times, each varying by how many Gems.

To find out more about each biome, check out their respective pages.

Order Of Unlocking Biomes

The Order of Unlocking Biomes is as follows:


Name Unlock By Includes Picture
Forest Antenna Level 1 2 Ghosts (Fairy and Owl)

Boss Ghost (Ghastly Tree)

3 Questlines (Dylan, Gabe, Luna)

Ecto Converter (Ecto-Tokens)

Shop (Vacuums, Backpacks, Pet Crates)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Acorns)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165426847.png
Blox City Antenna Level 2 2 Ghosts (Business Man and Street Cat)

Boss Ghost (George the Gorilla)

2 Questlines

(Adam and Liz)

Hoverboard Unlocked

Shop (Hoverboard Crates)

Secret Developer (Under Bridge)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Newspapers)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165439883.png
Junkyard Antenna Level 3 2 Ghosts (Mechanic and Garbage Bin)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Tires)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165447418.png
Sewers Antenna Level 4 2 Ghosts (Paper Bag Man and Rat)

Boss Ghost (Sludge)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Old Socks)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 160248034.png
Construction Site Bonus Biome in Blox City (10 Newspapers, 10 Tires, 20 Old Socks) 2 Ghosts (Construction Worker and Pigeon)

2 Dropped Items (Gems, Hammers)

Gem Chest

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165446159.png
Wild West Antenna Level 5 2 Ghosts (Bandit and Cowboy)

Boss Ghost (Subject One)

1 Questline (Jesse)

Magnetism Unlocked

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Sheriff Badges)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165456648.png
Area 51 Antenna Level 6 2 Ghosts (Scientist and Zorc)

Secret Developer (Behind UFO) 3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Meteorites)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 155557683-0.png
Mine Antenna Level 7 2 Ghosts (Miner and Living Rock)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Gold Bars)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 170439224.png
Pyramids Bonus Biome in Wild West (XX Sherrif Badges, XX Meteorites, XX Gold) 2 Ghosts (Mummy and Pharoah)

Secret Developer (Side of Pyramid)

2 Dropped Items (Gems, Artifacts)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165503081.png
Beach Antenna Level 8 2 Ghosts (Pirate and Parrot)

Boss Ghost (King Krab)

1 Questline (Finsley)

Multiple Streams Unlocked

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Doubloons)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165438309.png
Underwater Antenna Level 9 2 Ghosts (Diver and Mermaid)

Secret Developer (Behind Ship)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Pearls)

RobloxScreenShot20190610 170442513.png
Volcano Antenna Level 10 2 Ghosts (Islander and Magma Monster)

Boss Ghost (Magmoraug)

1 Questline (Blaze)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Antenna Parts, Diamonds)

Ecto-Token Converter (Gems)

Portal to Ghost World

RobloxScreenShot20190610 165427514.png
Ice Cave Bonus Biome at Beach (50 Doubloons, 50 Pearls, 50 Diamonds) 2 Ghosts (Explorer and Penguin)

Secret Developer (Stuck in Ice)

2 Dropped Items (Gems, Ancient Tusks)

Gem Chest

RobloxScreenShot20190610 170438349.png
Ghostly Islands Antenna Level 10 6 Ghosts (Jester, Jellyfish, Pinwheel, Blue Ray, Spooky, and Pixie)

Miniboss (Grim)

3 Questlines (Shelly, Jylan, Ace)

Ecto Converter (Souls)

Shop (Vacuums, Backpacks, Pet Crates)

4 Dropped Items (Gems, Energy Shards, Spirit Particles, Stopwatches)

Portal to Main Hub

Castle Courtyard Antenna Level 10 4 Ghosts (Rogue, Knight, Wizard, Horse)

2 Questlines (Leo, Yoko)

Heavy Armor Unlocked (Leo)

Hoverboard Turbocharger Unlocked

Luna's Key Obtained (Yoko)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Crowns, Goblets)

Music Meadows Bonus Biome in Ghostly Islands (250 Stopwatches, 250 Crowns, 250 Goblet) 4 Ghosts (Bongo, Yellow Note, DJ, Purple Note)

1 Questline (Jax)

2 Dropped Items (Gems, Music Sheets)

Gems Chest

Castle Throneroom Antenna Level 10 4 Ghosts (Viney, Blooming, Explorer, Dragonfly)

2 Questlines (Fern, Gatekeeper)

Very Important Item (Food for Gatekeeper) Obtained (Fern)

Photon Blaster Unlocked

Datalink Obtained (Gatekeeper)

4 Dropped Items (Sugar Sprouts, Watering Cans)

Swamplands Antenna Level 11 2 Ghosts (Swamp Dweller and Firefly)

1 Questlines (Gab3)

Battery Recharger

Shop (Disruptors, Batteries, Pet Crates)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Data Chips)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Swamplands-0.png
Winter Tundra Antenna Level 12 2 Ghosts (Frost Spirit and Snowstorm)

1 Questline (Riley)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Ice Cubes)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Winter.Tundra.png
Mushroom Forest Antenna Level 13 2 Ghosts (Flutter Spirit, Mushroom)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Mushrooms)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Mushroom.Forest-0.png
Twisting River Antenna Level 14 2 Ghosts (Water Spirit, Glitcher)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Bobbers)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Twisting.River.png
Crystal Cave 2 Ghosts (Error 404 and Rock Crystal)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Crystals)

1 Gem Chest (gives around 30-40 k gems.)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Crystal.Cave.png
Farm Antenna Level 15 2 Ghosts (Farmer and Crazy Cow)

1 Questline (Billy)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Apples)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Farm-0.png
Spaceship Antenna Level 16 2 Ghosts (Parasite and Super Computer)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Satellites)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Spaceship.png
Barn Antenna Level 17 2 Ghosts (Digital Bandit and Trojan Horse)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Hay Bales)

GhostSim Biome Backdoor Barn.png
Beehive Bonus Biome (50 Apples, 50 Satellites and 50 Hay Bales) 2 Ghosts (Honeydrop and Bee)

3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, Honeycomb (Item))

GhostSIm Biome Backdoor Beehive.png
Data Stream Antenna Level 18 2 Ghosts (Web Surfer and Binary) 1 Questline (Rowan)

2 Dropped Items (Gems and USB(s))

2 Ghosts, Selling Area, and Shop with 5 Hoverboards and Pet Crate.
Reverse City Antenna Level 19 2 Ghosts (byte and Digi-cat) 3 Dropped Items (Gems, advanced parts, and Ecto-Coffee(s))
BloxByte HQ Antenna Level 20 2 Ghosts (Guardian and Data Fury) 3 Dropped Items (Gems, Advanced Parts, and BloxByte Token(s))
Image0 (1)-0.jpg
Agents HQ Bonus Biome (100 USBs, 100 Ecto-Coffees, and 100 BloxByte Tokens) 2 Ghosts (Programmer and RAM) 2 Dropped Items ( Gems and Moon Badges)
Prehistory/Dino Land Any Antenna 4 Ghosts, 1 Mini-Boss Ghost, 1 Event Quest, Prehistory/Dino Land Obby, Pieces of Picture for Quest, Selling Area, Shop with Hoverboard Crate and Pet Crate, and Event Currency dropped by Ghosts.
North Pole Any Antenna Go on the North Pole Express to battle Scrooge, save Santa, and collect a lot of good pets! This area is available from 12/13/19 - ??/??/?? for all to join, located in Blox City. It features 4 questlines, a 12-day advent calendar, and a mega boss fight. Also available are 1, 5, 25, and 250 Ice Key chests and both a Board and Pet Crate for 750 and 500 Candy Canes respectively.
Space Biome Any Antenna Teleport by the UFO in the Forest Biome, and into the Space Biome. This was a small event biome consisting of an outer space map, where you could go to other islands ghosts were at, similar to the Ghostly Islands. There was a pet crate and a board crate, which you could buy out of Moon Shards. There are (N/A) types of ghosts, but did not take a while to vacuum.
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