Anomaly is a Miniboss that can be found in The Backdoor.

Anomaly drops an Anomaly Loot Bag.

Unlike the Grim Miniboss or Normal Bosses, Anomaly's spawns are infrequent (around 17-minute intervals) and spawns in 7 different locations throughout the backdoor (Swamplands, Winter Tundra (Bridge), Mushroom Forest, Twisting River, Farm, Spaceship, and Barn). Along with that, there's a notification in the chat when Anomaly spawns.

Anomaly has 2 "faces". When idle, it's face is a timer, but upon being vacuumed, becomes a smiley face.

The order of where the Anomaly spawns is as follows: Swamplands, Winter Tundra (Bridge), Barn, Farm, Twisting River, Spaceship, Mushroom Forest then back to Swamplands.

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