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2019 Halloween Boards are only obtainable during the 2019 Halloween Event and are typically Halloween-themed. In past event(s), there have been 2 different way to obtain these boards; through Halloween Pet Crates, which could be opened using Candy, a special currency dropped by Ghosts in the Halloween biome; and from Skeleton Key Chests, which could be opened using Skeleton Keys, a key that was dropped after defeating the Mega Boss; the Headless Hallow. There was also Soulfire a board obtained from buying the Halloween Pass.

Candy Crates

Rarity Crate #1
100 Candies
Crate #2
250 Candies
Crate #3
400 Candies
Common Broom Toxic Trident Earth Staff
Uncommon Fire Broom Venom Trident Water Staff
Rare Poison Spike Evil Trident Fire Staff
Legendary RIP Flying Coffin Candy Bar
Godly The Bug Insight Cleaver

Skeleton Key Chests

Chest Rarity Pet
1 Skeleton Key Common Tricks
Uncommon CNDY-CRN
Rare Jester
5 Skeleton Keys Poison Broom
Legendary Lit
25 Skeleton Keys Wing
Godly Crawler
250 Skeleton Keys Mythical Darkwing

2019 Halloween Event Pass

2019 Limited Store